A feat available to player characters in Escarnum.

Adrenaline Rush Heroic Wu-kan, Bard
Agile Magic Heroic Wilderskin, any arcane class, beast of battle power
Artificial Instinct Heroic Kobold
Arytiss’ Ward Paragon Kobold, Defender
Attention Grab Heroic Kobold, Defender
Audacious Bluff Heroic Wu-kan
Bait the Beast Paragon Wilderskin, beast of battle power
Battle Hide Paragon Wilderskin
Beckon the Beast Heroic Wilderskin, avenger, beast of battle power, oath of enmity power
Bestial Covenant Heroic Wilderskin, beast of battle power, invoker
Bestial Leap Heroic Wilderskin, beast of battle power
Blade Catcher Heroic Equitarn
Blessed Shapeshifter Heroic Wilderskin, paladin, beast of battle power
Blightborn Heroic Jotun, Landfall heritage power
Blood Beckons Blood Heroic Defender, Defender Aura
Blood Fury Heroic Gnoll
Blood Hunt Heroic Gnoll, Warlord
Blood Magus Heroic Gnoll
Bounce Back Heroic Kobold
Break Even Heroic
Break Free Heroic Kobold
Breath of Heaven Heroic Wu-kan
Brother Beast Heroic Wilderskin, ranger, beast of battle power, Beast Mastery class feature
Brutal Display Heroic Gnoll
Bullheaded Heroic Equitarn
Caveat Imperator Heroic Equitarn, Leader
Centre of Gravity Heroic Equitarn
Circle of Fate Heroic Abilen, Awakened or Gremblin
Cleave Ranks Heroic Equitarn
Communal Instinct Heroic Abilen, Equitarn or Gremblin
Community Spirit Heroic Abilen, Shaman
Conflagration Heroic Kobold
Cracked Earth Heroic Jotun
Crash Landing Heroic Jotun
Daring Gambit Heroic Wu-kan
Dashing Flourish Heroic Wu-kan
Definitive Might Heroic Gnoll or Equitarn, trained in Intimidate
Deft Manoeuvre Heroic Wu-kan
Double Dealing Heroic Abilen, Con 13+
Draconic Petulance Heroic Kobold
Drunken Monkey Heroic Wu-kan
Duck and Cover Heroic Kobold or Wu-kan
Earth’s Renewal Heroic Equitarn or Jotun
Edar’s Swiftness Heroic Kobold
Eternal Cycle Paragon Jotun
Eye of the Storm Heroic Abilen
Fates Intertwined Heroic Awakened or Felbraug
Fel Claws Heroic Felbraug
Fel Strike Heroic Felbraug, Fel Claws
Feral Charge Heroic Wilderskin, beast of battle power