What’s going on here?

Skies of Escarnum is a passion project by me, Fox Lee. I’m a longtime fan of D&D, more specifically 4th Edition. Escarnum is my homebrew campaign world, and was once intended to be something I would release commercially.

At this point I’m not so worried about that. I may never completely finish this “book”, and—if I do—I may never negotiate the nasty 4e GSL in a way that would allow me to sell it. But I decided that what I’d really like is just to see more of a active, productive 4e community online.

So, the hell with it! Here’s my homebrew 4e setting, Skies of Escarnum. May it bring you some small part of the joy 4e has brought me!


There’s plenty that’s missing, but the stuff that is here is pretty much finished. The feats are the roughest section. There are certainly some things that still have an asterisk next to them in my design file (and I fear I may have re-used the occasional name that were already used by official products). If you notice an obvious mistake, please do point it out.


This content is provided free for personal use.

Obviously I don’t want anybody else to publish this material or take credit for it. This includes re-using individual elements (like illustrations) and making derivative works. For your private games, obviously you can use/alter/remix as much as you like.


I’m not actively soliciting critique, but discussion is welcome if you feel so inclined. Please, feel free to share your thoughts.


Skies of Escarnum content is available for a few different programs/platforms.

HeroLab: Download Skies of Escarnum HeroLab user files
Place the archive’s content in your 4e system Data folder (%programdata%/HeroLab/Data/4e on Windows)

Foundry VTT: Install module using the manifest URL https://foundry.munchlax.org/skies-of-escarnum/module.json


If you like what I’m doing here, you can support this project and everything else I do via Patreon: www.patreon.com/TheArtGremblin