Lands of Escarnum

Skies of Escarnum sets its adventures primarily on the continent of Alm. A massive body of land inhabiting much of its world’s southern hemisphere, Alm is as vast and diverse as any supercontinent of our world. It houses ancient empires and new settlements, deep wildernesses and crowded city-states, forgotten relics and bold new ideas.

For most people, life in Alm is good. The arrival of humans came at the end of a long and gruelling war, and the world on average is safer and kinder than it has even been. However, there will always be those who resent cooperation, who exploit peace, who refuse to relinquish power. These individuals will be the source of most conflict in a Skies of Escarnum story.

Almish Mainland

Beastkin Lands


Desert homeland of the abilen, the centre of Almish trade and a major hub of agriculture, learning and diplomacy.


The last stronghold of the bestial races that ruled Alm before the Death of Empires.



An isolated western cape that is the mountainous, jungle-covered homeland of the wu-kan.


Ranging deep beneath Alm's surface, these endless caverns are the domain of the seven kobold clans.

The Grasslands

A huge stretch of wilderness bridging western Alm, home to no permanent settlements and countless nomads.

Fey Lands


A haughty nation founded by soratami exiles to exploit its native elves.


A mighty forest larger than many nations, the last remnant of a once-permanent gate between the mortal plane and the feywild.

Other Lands


A mighty nation forged by the hill barbarian tribes who broke the gnollish and Calanish empires.


A tiny nation of the border between Brandeis and the Grasslands, with a diverse multicultural makeup.

The Three Kingdoms


The Kingdom of Light, a human theocracy ruled by the zealous Church of the White Staff.


The Kingdom of Shadow, a land of magic and monsters whose king first brought the curse of undeath upon Alm.

Almish Islands and Outliers


An alliance of city states founded on free trade, mediation, unregulated progress and war profiteering.


The ancestral seat of the soratami nation, an island so rich with Escarnum deposits that it permanently floats over the sea around Alm.

The Rogue Isles

A wandering archipelago that roams the skies thanks to its escarnum deposits. A haven for pirates, exiles and lawbreakers of all stripes.

Beyond the Borders


The neighbouring continent to Alm, where arcane "Overseers" held their empires, and humans and mor were born.

…And Further Afield

While Alm contains many defined nations and cultures, its nearby neighbours—barren Parosea and mysterious Aethys—are far less thoroughly defined. If you wish to take the story of Escarnum beyond its established borders, these lands await your guiding hand.