Beast Claws

Prerequisite: Gnoll

Benefit: You gain proficiency with the beast claw natural weapon.

Your beast claw is a natural one-handed melee weapon in the light blade and unarmed groups. It has a +3 proficiency bonus and deals 1d8 damage, and has the off-hand property. Whenever you do not wield another weapon or hold a shield in one of your hands, you are considered to be wielding a beast claw in that hand.

You can enchant and disenchant a beast claw like a normal weapon, except that when you disenchant it, it does not turn to dust. (Each hand is its own weapon and has its own enchantment, just as if you were wielding two manufactured weapons.)

[This feat is intended to replace the existing claw fighter feat.]

Last updated: January 9, 2023
First added: January 9, 2023