Demonym: Karthi
Climate/biome: Mountain, caverns
Area: Medium
Population density: Very low
Common Inhabitants: Kobolds
Uncommon Inhabitants: Aberrant beasts, wilderskins

Okarthel is the home of the seven kobold clans—or rather, their collective name for their many homes.

Running the length of the tremendous mountain range that divides east and west Alm, Okarthel is actually a vast network of tunnels and caverns, deep beneath the craggy peaks. Whichever nation you find yourself in, if you can see mountains, there is probably a kobold somewhere beneath your feet.

Virtually uncontested in their expanding underworld, and indifferent to the endless war above, the clans spread as far as they pleased over the generations. Occasionally their explorations lead them to the lost artefacts of the Precursors, which inevitably lead to new villages as enthusiasts gather to investigate the latest mystery.


In a system born of the Seven Seekers, Okarthel is led by a democratically-elected council of clan leaders. In most cases an individual leader can handle matters on their own, though they occasionally call a grand meeting over matters of national importance.


Okarthel has no traditional allies or enemies on the surface world, and due to the kobolds’ history, they tend to be highly suspicious of outsiders. However, they also place a high value on exchanging ideas, so there is little choice but to engage with outsiders—if only from a safe distance. In general, their interactions with other nations as best described as toleration.

Karthi trade centers on gadgets and books, and typically offers ore and gems in return. They deal most commonly with Ashar and Independence, but also trade a great deal of iron, copper and other minerals to Kalyvas, whose demand for metals is seemingly unquenchable.