After Parosea, the next nearest continent to Alm is Aethys. Reachable from Alm’s Eastern coast, Aethys is speculated to be the original home of multiple Almish races, specifically those who are not beast-kin.



Alm is the continent most prominently featured in the Skies of Escarnum campaign setting, home to a bustling variety of creatures.

The great continent of Alm stretches from the equator, where it is connected to Parosea with a land bridge, to the antarctic circle, into which the southern cape of Rannveig protrudes, and is no less vast across. As such, the land expresses a wide variety of climates, from the Ashari and central savannah to Kaash’s jungles and Deepwood’s feywild-linked forest.

While most of Alm is “charted”, it’s a mistake to think the lands are thoroughly explored. Magic and escarnum have enabled swift travel and easy communication, allowing the creatures controlling them to spread far and wide without necessarily securing the space in between; population density is low overall, even in “civilised” lands like Brandeis, so there’s always plenty of room for monsters to roam.

Almish Mainland

Other Regions





The land where humans and mor were born, Parosea is connected to Alm by a narrow land bridge stretching many miles. The land of the Overseers, it was a continent once rich in resources; today it is a barren desert, thoroughly explored and exploited by its rulers.

The Parosean insurrection broke the reign of the Overseers and destroyed most of their infrastructure. Many died in the fighting; more would fall prey to the monstrosities they unleashed to fight for them, who turned on them when their control was broken. Those who remain are wanderers and recluses, scattered tyrants trying to claw back what they can of their former empire.

Adventures in Parosea

The current Parosea is a land of abominations, roaming the ruins of an arcane empire. The Overseers built decadent palaces and massive laboratories, fantastic machines and fiendish prisons. Now these almost universally lie in ruins—not the ancient ruins of the Precursors, but the immediate and familiar ruins of a recent, desperate war.

The environment here—such as it is after centuries of brutal exploitation—is now dominated by roaming aberrations once used as weapons by the Overseers. Aimless and tormented, they typically attack other creatures on sight, making the continent extremely perilous for all but the boldest adventurers.