Gentle, civilised catfolk descended from savage beasts Known the world over for their hospitality and smooth social skills, the catlike abilen are a fixture of civilised cities. They adapted quickly to human arrival in Alm, going about their lives peacefully, gradually ingratiating themselves with a fortuitously-timed trade offer or favourable business deal. Abilen became a […]


Aberrant humans sensitive to psionics and emotions The key to humanity’s freedom, the awakened began to appear seemingly at random during the last century, bringing with them the gift of psionic power. It was these individuals who heard the mysterious voices beckoning them to the lands of Alm, and led their people across the seas. […]


Big-hearted warriors, hardy and belligerent Game mechanics for the bannyr are identical to the dwarf race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks, except as noted below. For all other mechanical purposes (including feats, paragon paths, etc.), bannyr is simply an alternative name for dwarf. Burly humanoids with a penchant for brawling and intoxication, the […]

Drow (Almish)

Descendants of darkness, forgotten but never gone Game rules for the Almish drow are identical to the drow race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks. Most mainlanders have never even heard of the drow, much less met one. Cautious and secretive, they have no land or nation of their own, but they are occasionally […]

Eladrin (Almish)

Former soratami outcasts, now rulers of Calanshae Game rules for the Almish eladrin are identical to the eladrin race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks. Thousands of years ago, a political fracture within the soratami nation led to an entire clans being faced with a terrible choice—exile, or death. Fleeing to surface world, still […]

Elf (Almish)

Children of the feywild, descendants of a race long forgotten Game rules for the Almish elf are identical to the elf race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks. When Alm was still young, its connection the Feywild was deep and powerful. Two gates stood permanently open between the planes of the fey and the […]


Stoic equine giants violently displaced from their traditional home Traditional occupants of the Almish grasslands, equitarn are an ancient beast-kin race of horse-like humanoids. Historically, the equitarn were nomads, who formed small social groups which met and mingled as they traversed the Grasslands. However, they suffered tremendous losses during the War of Empires, which forced […]


Diminutive rat-folk with a racial knack for psionics Diminutive, rodent-like creatures who share a psionic gift, felbraug were stumbled upon by humans when the newcomers colonised Independence. In the layers of ancient buildings below the island’s surface, these mysterious creatures had survived for countless generations in the ruins of what had come before. The felbraug […]

Gnoll (Almish)

Mightiest of the beast-kin, the former rulers of Alm Game rules for the Almish gnoll are identical to the gnoll race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks, except as noted below. In Alm’s distant past, the lands were shared by countless beast-kin tribes of all races. The most powerful of these were the gnolls, […]

Goblin (Almish)

Pint-sized scroungers, full of community spirit Game rules for the Almish goblin are identical to the goblin race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks, except as noted below. Goblins have dwelt in Alm since antiquity, but have spent most of their history being regarded as a sub-sentient race by the likes of Calanshae and […]