Alm is the continent most prominently featured in the Skies of Escarnum campaign setting, home to a bustling variety of creatures. The great continent stretches from the equator, where it is connected to Parosea with a land bridge, to the antarctic circle, into which the southern cape of Rannveig protrudes, and is no less vast across.


Ashar is the homeland of the abilen, a land separated from the rest of Alm by a vast sandy desert. Relying on seasonal rivers for agriculture, it nonetheless enjoys an abundance of produce and a great many crops found nowhere else on Alm. Today, it is the undisputed centre of trade between all nations.


Known as “the Kingdom of Light”, Aurion is a theocracy ruled by the zealous Church of the White Staff. Although their territory is relatively poor in resources and strategic value, their devotion to their faith makes them a strong military force, calling often upon the benefits of divine magic.


Beasthome is the last stronghold of the bestial races that ruled Alm before the Death of Empires. What was once a continent-spanning gnollish empire was worn down by centuries of war, until it was finally forced into this one corner of wilderness. Here, the law of the ancient clans still reigns; the strong rule, and the weak obey. Life is brutal here, and demands brutality in return.


By far the largest of Alm’s nations, Brandeis occupies much of the Eastern half of the continent. Thanks to its huge territory and low population density, Brandeis is actually a collection of nine holdings, each originally born from an ancestral Brannyri clan.


Bordering on mighty Brandeis and fey-touched Deepwood, Calanshae is a nation established many ages ago by Soratami political exiles who subjugated the native elven population, and began to call themselves eladrin.


A mighty forest larger than many nations, Deepwood is the last remnant of a once-permanent gate between the material plane and the feywild. Even now, the chaotic life energy of the wild seeps through the planar fabric like spreading ink, and countless flora and fauna flourish under its influence.


Situated on the border of Brandeis and the Grasslands, Ikana is a small nation with a diverse multicultural makeup. One a heavily contested tactical location, it has enjoyed a more relaxed pace since the War of Empires ended. It always has produce to trade, making it a useful stop on the well-travelled route between Ashar and Brandeis.


A neutral, largely human city-state that is more accurately an alliance of independent cities. Its capital city (Independence proper) is situated on the island around which the Three Kingdoms are arranged, it serves as an important neutral ground between Aurion, Tenebrae and Kalyvas. Thanks to the treaty that ended the Establishing War, it also owns all of the waterways separating the nations, making it a powerful force for keeping the kingdoms in check.