Stoic equine giants originally bred for slave labour

Example of an equitarn PC

Racial Traits

Average Height: 9‘6“-10‘6“
Average Weight: 1,500-2,000 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution or Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, plus any one.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Athletics
Pack Mule: When determining your normal load, heavy load, or maximum drag load, you treat your Strength score as 5 points higher.
Stubborn: You gain a +5 bonus to saving throws against effects that daze, stun or dominate.
Rock Solid: You have the rock solid racial power.

  • Rock SolidEquitarn Racial Power
    By stopping still and holding your ground, you become a truly immoveable object.
    Move Action • Personal
    Effect: Until the beginning of your next turn, you are immobilised and cannot be pushed, pulled or slid.

Bred by the Overseers through experimental rituals that blended humans and horses, the equitarn were created on Parosea to serve as soldiers and labourers. Conditioned to be reliable and obedient, the equitarn suffered in silence until humanity rebelled—when, as one, they turned to aid their fellow slaves. Bound by an unspoken alliance, they journeyed with the humans to the new world of Alm, where they have remained their firmest allies.

Many equitarn feel a kinship with humans and share their cities, lending much-needed physical labour and defensive might to their fledgeling kingdoms. Others, feeling the call of the wilderness as their ultimate freedom, struck out for the open plains. Today, their nomadic tribes roam much of the Grasslands of central Alm.

Play an equitarn if you want…

  • to be a massive, unmoveable foe.
  • to choose your own family.
  • to act slowly, but decisively.

Physical Qualities

Equitarn are tall and broad, very much resembling a midpoint between humans and horses. Their sturdy forms pair powerful equine muscles with a humanoid structure, though individuals may lean further toward one form or the other. Regardless of sex, an equitarn is virtually always a massive tower of might.

An equitarn is covered by a short, velvety coat with horse-like markings, and is crowned with mane-like hair on a scalp that stretches to the base of the neck. Their faces reveal varying degrees of mixed heritage; most have broadly humanoid features with an elongated nose and muzzle, though some look distinctly more human or equine. Their hides come in any colour found among horses, and they typically have yellow, orange or deep brown eyes.

Bred to endure the harshest of weather, equitarn usually opt for minimalistic clothing that does not hamper movement. Such armour as equitarn wear is reminiscent of barding, though rare is the equitarn who will willingly serve as a mount.

Equitarn grow extremely quickly, becoming full-grown in less than ten years. This rate of growth does not continue for long, however; these beasts of burden were built to live long and sturdy lives, and remain in their prime for almost 90 years before experiencing a quick, sharp decline. Though robust, they are frequently infertile, so births are celebrated and children cared for eagerly by the entire herd.

Playing an Equitarn

Equitarn are known for being stoic, reserved creatures, of few words and little emotion. They are typically slow to judge or act, preferring careful reasoning to rash decisions; however, once their minds are made up, they are resolute in their choices. Equitarn have long memories, holding grudges deeply and rarely forgetting a debt; often, dying equitarn even pass unsettled scores on to their next-of-kin, a responsibility treated with great solemnity.

Most equitarn have a strong sense of family, attaching themselves to a small social group with in a distinct merit-based hierarchy. Roles of authority shift regularly, but usually without conflict—equitarn typically respect structure as the best means to maintain order, and challenges are typically resolved through voting or peaceful competition.

Equitarn also tend to be tremendously protective of their “family“, and take slights against them as seriously as personal insults. Indeed, equitarn rarely become adventurers for the sake of their own interests, but can frequently be found acting as bodyguards for less hardy creatures.

Equitarn are perceived as… Loyal, calm, dependable, stoic, stubborn, cautious, vengeful, patient, placid, momentous.

Example names: Alder, Autumn, Bank, Briar, Bracken, Calyx, Dust, Eve, Maple, Oak, Rust, Smoke, Storm, Teak, Trace, Thorn.

Most equitarn names come from an aspect of nature significant to their birth; a particular type of tree, for example, or the time of year they were born.

Equitarn Backgrounds

    Day Labourer

    “One, two, three – heave!”

    While others of your kind yearn for the freedom of the open plains, your world is that of the city. Wherever goods need to be hauled or structures built, there is always work for a strong pair of arms and a steady back. With a reputation for reliability and diligence, equitarn labourers rarely have difficulty finding work. Do you live up to that reputation, or are you using it to cover a private lazy streak? Who is your current employer, and how do they feel about you taking up with an adventuring party?

    Associated skills: Athletics, endurance

    Associated ritual: Feat of strength (FRPG)

    Herd-Lost Wanderer

    “There is nothing left for me here.”

    Though you chose the life of the herd, your family was somehow taken from you. What happened to them, and who was responsible? Did they fall to the ravages of nature, or to deliberate warfare—and how were you spared? Do you seek revenge? Do you regard your current group as your new family, or do you believe that nothing can truly replace your old herd?

    Associated skills: Nature, endurance

    Associated ritual: Long-distance runner (MP2)

    Indebted Bodyguard

    “I go where you go.”

    For some reason, you owe a debt of gratitude to one of your companions. Perhaps they helped you directly, or maybe their ancestor did you a great service. Perhaps you even agreed to inherit the debt of a herd member who passed away. Either way, your duty to repay this debt is even more important than your home and family, and you are a loyal guardian to your charge—whether they like it or not.

    Associated skills: Intimidate, insight

    Associated ritual: Warded campsite (MP2)