Elhan (Half-Elf)

Fey halfbloods, united only by their differences

Game mechanics for the elhan are identical to the half-elf race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks, except as noted below. For all other mechanical purposes (including feats, paragon paths, etc.), elhan is simply an alternative name for half-elf.

Whether by design or accident, interbreeding between humanoid species is a common occurrence in Alm. Although some (like the Calans) would rather deny that their blood mixes so freely, there seem to be few cases where individuals with the same basic biology are incompatible. Indeed, humans were surprised to find even they were no exception to this rule.

Over time, the word “elhan” has become the accepted name for fey-blooded humanoids of mixed heritage. Individuals may refer to themselves in more specific terms, such as “half-elf” or “elf-eladrin”, but those whose exact ancestry is unknown have particular use for the more general term.

Creating & Playing Elhan

The physical traits of mixed-species children are unpredictable. More often than not, they are indistinguishable from a single-species child with uncommon features. However, sometimes the outcome is a more distinctive mix of parental traits. Occasionally, such individuals express traits not common to either side of their heritage, hinting at a more basal connection somewhere in their distant past.

Even more than other creatures, elhan do not often share many common traits. It’s important to remember that Escarnum “races” are a description of your character, not a scientific definition. Use the elhan racial traits if you think they fit your particular character—if not, there’s no problem with using another race that fits the bill.