Gnoll (Almish)

Mightiest of the beast-kin, the former rulers of Alm

Game rules for the Almish gnoll are identical to the gnoll race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks, except as noted below.

Racial Traits

Languages: Bestial and Common.
Beast Kin: Your ancestors were amongst the many bestial races who once ruled Alm. You are considered a beast creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature type.

In Alm’s distant past, the lands were shared by countless beast-kin tribes of all races. The most powerful of these were the gnolls, whose strength and numbers allowed them to dominate the less powerful races for millennia. Arrayed in matriarchal clans from one side of Alm to the other, these savage warlords lost their absolute dominance only after the Calans came to power. Even after centuries of war between the two empires, it took the mythic hero Brayden Bloodmane—and the combined might of the bannyri clans—to finally break the gnolls.

Though the pride of conquerors still burns in them, the gnolls are now an empire in decline. The territory of Beasthome is their final stronghold, the only land where they still enjoy complete dominance. Increasingly, their leaders are beginning to understand that if they are to have any place in their changing world, they must begin to form relationships with other races.

As it stands, most gnolls are still hostile toward other races. Outsiders are no longer treated as prey, but they are still foes in a war that is ultimately unresolved. The typically gnoll still lives fast, breeds quickly and dies surrounded by their enemies.

Any genuine human sympathiser can expect to be cast out of their clan, most likely to face a future of scorn and fear. These few often become adventurers—hard-bitten survivors, seeking to rise above the savagery of their past. Many remain outcast to the end, but others earn genuine respect from the Alm’s inhabitants, laying the trail for slow but inevitable progress.

Almish gnolls are perceived as… Savage, proud, unforgiving, warlike, decisive, spiritualistic, uncivilised, capable, standoffish.

Names: Blackheart, Bladeclaw, Bloodburn, Bonesaw, Deadscar, Denward, Godhand, Longtooth, Redfang, Stonefist, Warcry.

Gnollish names are given in bestial, largely unpronounceable to other races. However, to make their achievements known to their enemies, most translate their names into common as well.

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