Gentle, civilised catfolk descended from savage beasts

Examples of Abilen PCs

Abilen Background Traits

Average Height: 4’6”-5’6”
Average Weight: 60-100 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Intelligence or Dexterity
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Abil, plus any one.
Skill Bonuses: +2 Diplomacy, +2 Insight
Feline Grace: You have a +1 racial bonus to Reflex and Will.
Cultural Savant: At first level, you gain training in one additional skill of your choice.
Through the Crowd: You have the through the crowd background power.

Through the CrowdAbilen Background Power
You utilise your small frame to slip into the perfect position, right under your enemies’ noses.
Free Action • Personal
Effect: Until the end of your turn, you do not provoke opportunity attacks for moving, and you can move through enemy squares.

Known the world over for their hospitality and smooth social skills, the catlike abilen are a fixture of civilised cities. Secluded in Ashar during the War of Empires, they adapted quickly to peace in Alm, ingratiating themselves to friendly nations with a fortuitously-timed trade offer or favourable business deal. Abilen became a necessary part of the new era so smoothly it was barely noticed.

Like the nation of Independence, the abilen’s approach to the recent wars was to take great pains to work themselves into the political and mercantile foundations of all of Alm’s important nations, meaning hostility toward them is widely frowned upon.

Play an abilen if you want…

  • to have feline traits and appearance.
  • to get along easily with friends and strangers.
  • to be a nimble, lightly-armoured adventurer.

Physical Qualities

Abilen are small and slight creatures, with delicate builds and fine features. Their height is close to that of a human—typically a little under five feet—but they are extraordinarily light, weighing as little as a human youth. Their slender bodies lack the physical bulk of their bestial forebears, but in return grant them natural grace and agility.

Although their shape and stance are quite human, abilen bear many feline features, especially on their face. They have rounded faces with short muzzles, sharp teeth, and small pointed ears which sit toward the top of their heads. Their soft, sleek fur ranges in colour and markings, and they have tails much like domestic cats. They also sport small claws on their fingers and toes, which retract when they are at rest.

Abilen have lifespans similar to humans, but spend much longer in their prime. They show virtually no signs of aging until their twilight years, when their health typically deteriorates very swiftly.

Playing an Abilen

Despite being beast-kin, abilen evolution has followed a very different path to gnolls and equitarn. The typical abilen is a definite creature of comfort—a well-educated city-dweller who has less in common with their savage brethren than with the domestic cats they resemble. Nevertheless, their business dealings tend to be ruthlessly efficient, even when they are mutually beneficial.

Though they are native to the desert nation of Ashar, there are few civilised places where abilen have not become part of the community. Between Ashar’s diplomatic efforts and the abilen’s friendly, non-threatening visage, they have a good reputation that puts them at an advantage in many social situations. They are strongly associated with trade in all nations; those who do not set up permanent businesses often travel with merchant caravans, going wherever they perceive value.

While abilen do not typically seek out danger, many adventuring companies and guilds are financially linked to Ashar, giving them plenty of opportunities to get a taste for adventure. The typical abilen adventurer is optimistic but practical, planning for both the best and worst outcomes. Most prefer low-risk ventures, seeing adventuring as a job rather than a chance to brawl, but the odd daredevil is hardly unheard-of.

Abilen are perceived as… Friendly, easygoing, sharp-witted, practical, mercantile, sanguine, creative, adaptable, sensible.

Names: Adina, Ari, Ashei, Eisha, Janya, Laksha, Leyla, Mia, Myan, Ruhan, Samira, Sanura, Shadi, Shameen, Shema, Tasha.

Abilen names are the only modern use for Abil, the native abilen tongue. They are typically short—no more than two syllables—and usually end in vowel sounds.

Abilen backgrounds

Merchant Prince

“ I believe there is an opportunity here.”

The heir of a wealthy business empire, you have grown up wanting for nothing. Now, however, you find yourself separated from your former life of luxury. Did you strike out to find your own worth, without the aid of your lineage? Or have been sent forth by your family to prove yourself an adequate heir? How badly do you want to return home—and what will allow you to do so?

Associated Skills: Bluff, diplomacy

Associated ritual: Fluid funds (EPG)

Caravan Minstrel

“ You know, this reminds me of a song…”

Growing up as a traveller on the merchant caravans, you have never felt the desire to settle; to you, home is about what you experience, and with whom you share it. You collect performances like souvenirs—an exotic dance from Ashar, an artful symphony from Sorairo, a bold epic from Brandeis—and better yet, you can share them freely without ever giving them away. Are you travelling with your current group in order to add their heroic chronicle to your repertoire? Or have you decided it’s finally time to be part of the story?

Associated Skills: History, religion

Associated ritual: Call of friendship (AP)

Industrial Saboteur

“I protect something which is bigger than all of us.”

Culturally, abilen value community and cooperation—and they see worldwide economic stability as something more valuable than any individual. Threats to the international marketplace are taken as seriously as anything can be, and the agents of this cause are subtle and without recognition. If an arms dealer runs aground after subverting trade sanctions, if a powerful cartel makes a bad deal and loses its monopoly, why should any special interference be assumed? Only a few are ever aware that the market does indeed possess invisible hands.

Associated Skills: Bluff, diplomacy

Associated ritual: Fool’s gold (AP)

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