Example of a felbraug PC

Diminutive rat-folk with an inherent psionic gift

Felbraug Heritage Traits

Average Height: 91 – 137cm (3’6″ – 4’6″)
Average Weight: 27 – 36kg (60 – 80lb.)

Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity or Intelligence
Size: Small
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Fel and Common, plus any one
Skill Bonuses: +2 History

Memory of the Weave: You gain a +2 to all Knowledge skills, and can make checks with Knowledge skills untrained.

Psionic Endowment: You gain one power point, which you can use to augment psionic powers and feats with the augmentable keyword, as if you had the psionic augmentation class feature. You are considered to have the psionic augmentation class feature for the sake of feats, paragon paths and other requirements.

Threads of Fate: You have the threads of fate heritage power.

Threads of FateFelbraug Heritage Power
In a brief flash of psychic insight, you see the ideal point to strike down your foe.
Encounter • Psionic, Augmentable
Free Action • Personal
Trigger: You would make an attack roll.
Effect: You make the attack roll twice and choose one.
Augment 1:
Effect: You make the attack roll twice and choose one. If both attack rolls hit, the target takes extra psychic damage equal to 1d8 + your Wisdom modifier.
Level 11: 2d8 + your Wisdom modifier.
Level 21: 3d8 + your Wisdom modifier.

Diminutive, rodent-like creatures who share a psionic gift, felbraug were stumbled upon by humans when the newcomers colonised Independence. In the layers of ancient buildings below the island’s surface, these mysterious creatures had survived for countless generations in the ruins of what had come before. The felbraug brought with them stories of a “precursor” civilisation from the dawn of time, psions who once harnessed untold forces with their tremendous mental might. Then, some terrible tragedy wiped them from the world, leaving only the felbraug to recall them.

The story is considered apocryphal by most other folk, but Alm’s scattered ruins of advanced civilisation, older even than the fey races can recall, lend some veracity to the claim. In any case, the felbraug were greatly excited by the humans’ coming, and eager to work with them as they found their place in Alm. It is whispered in the deepest tunnels that humans and felbraug are kin, their fates forever interwoven on the loom of souls—and that, in time, they will open the way for the precursors to return to Alm.

Play a felbraug if you want…

  • to be a small, speedy combatant.
  • to share your memory and experiences with other members of your kind.
  • to come from the oldest culture in Alm.

Physical Qualities

Felbraug share many physical traits with rats, though they are humanoid in general shape. Short and delicately built, they seem quite frail, often weighing less than a human child; however, they are as durable as any human adult. As a rule, the sex of a felbraug is all but impossible for non-felbraug to distinguish.

Felbraug sport a single long tail extending from the coccyx, and also a series of very fine tails growing from the scalp, forming what appears to be tight braids of hair. Their hands and feet are particularly delicate, with tiny pin-sharp claws.

Felbraug faces are human-like but childish, with a slightly extended muzzle and soft fur up the bridge of the nose. Like rats, felbraug have prominent front teeth on both jaws, which are barely visible when the mouth is closed. Their ears appear long and thin, similar to elven ears; in fact, they are a rubbery membrane stretched between fine bones, which splays into a fan shape when alert.

Felbraug live only slightly longer than humans. However, their appearance and serene attitude—born of their collective racial memory—give them a certain ageless quality, which has led to the myth that they are much longer-lived.

Playing a Felbraug

Felbraug are mysterious, patient creatures who spend a great deal of time observing their surroundings. Although the depths of their tunnels keep ages-old secrets, they are both inquisitive and open-minded. They are always seeking to learn new things—especially since that means sharing such knowledge with their kin. Although they are careful in choosing quests and companions, they are typically eager to pursue new experiences. However, they are often bemused by the social constructs of other races, such as gender and caste, which seem bizarre to their thinking.

As psionic beings, felbraug make no distinction between the concepts of mind and soul; what are either, if not the sum of one’s every experience, emotion and dream? In turn, they view the presence of consciousness as more important than physical form. A “country” to a felbraug is not a place where one lives, but rather the community of people who live there.

The felbraug race has its own philosophy on life and death. To them, the world is a never-ending ebb and flow, where souls die in one life to begin anew in another. They call this cycle “the weave” or “the pattern”, likening the universe itself to a great loom where endless threads are woven into one cloth. Felbraug share a sort of collective memory, a pool of knowledge from which they can all occasionally draw; they claim that this too comes from the weave, a place where an open mind eye can briefly glimpse the pattern that describes all truths.

Felbraug are perceived as… Thoughtful, introspective, perceptive, wise, exotic, philosophical, curious, patient, mysterious.

Names: Archer, Brewer, Caller, Carter, Hunter, Mender, Runner, Seeker, Smith, Speaker, Trapper, Wayfinder, Weaver, Wright.

Fel names are unpronounceable to non-psionic beings, so they typically adopt the name of their job when dealing with other races.

Felbraug Backgrounds


“There is a lesson to be learned here.”

Like many of your kin, your life has led you to the way of contemplation, the pursuit of enlightenment by harmonising mind and body. The path you walk is that of discovery—every new experience, every piece of knowledge, furthers your understanding of the weave, and of your true strength. Do you walk this path with discipline, through temperance and careful study? Or do you seek enlightenment in joy and beauty? More importantly, how has your path led you here?

Associated skills: Religion, history

Associated ritual: Last sight vision (OG)


“You are not Fel, but I sense in you the soul of my kin.”

Felbraug revere the weave, the pattern of souls dying and being reborn. Most are reborn into their own race, but sometimes, they join another species for a time, gaining valuable experiences which will be woven into the great pattern once they die. You are one chosen to seek out these “errant felbraug”, to watch over them as they carry out this important duty. Do you serve one of your party members, believing them to be such a soul? Or is your search yet unfulfilled?

Associated skills: Insight, diplomacy

Associated ritual: Comprehend language (PHB)


“The weave guides my path.”

Once every so often, a felbraug is born whose connection to the weave is so strong, they can hear the voices of the ancestors. You are an individual so blessed, who carries the hopes and dreams of those gone before. Your ancestors are always watching over you, but their guidance is not always welcome. Do you agree with their wisdom, or do you think they misunderstand your place in the pattern? Do you find it hard to live up to their expectations, or are you every bit the golden child they believe you to be?

Associated skills: History, perception

Associated ritual:Hand of fate (PHB)

Felbraug Feats

The following feats include this heritage as a prerequisite.

Fates Intertwined

Prerequisites: Awakened or Felbraug

Benefit: As long as you have at least 1 power point remaining, you ignore partial concealment, and treat full concealment as partial concealment.

Fel Claws

Prerequisite: Felbraug

Benefit: When you make a weapon attack, you can use your claw, which is a weapon in the light blade weapon group. This weapon has the off-hand weapon property and a +3 proficiency bonus, and it deals 1d6 damage. While you aren’t holding anything, you are considered have this weapon in each hand. You can enchant and disenchant your claws. When you disenchant your claws, they do not turn to dust.

Fel Strike

Prerequisite: Felbraug, Fel Claws feat

Benefit: You can swap one 1st-level at-will power you know for the fel strike power.

Fel StrikeFeat Power
The power of your mind is always present, even in the simplest of motions.
At-Will • Psionic, Weapon, Augmentable
Standard Action • Melee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Wis vs AC
Hit: 1[W] + Wisdom modifier damage.
Level 21: 2[W] + Wisdom modifier
Special: You can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.
Augment 1:
Hit: 2[W] + Wisdom modifier damage, and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.
Level 21: 3[W] + Wisdom modifier

Independent Thought

Prerequisite: Awakened or Felbraug

Benefit: You can still take minor actions while stunned.

Lurking Light

Prerequisite: Felbraug, Kobold or Gremblin; Leader role

Benefit: When you grant an attack to an ally, enemies from whom you are hidden grant combat advantage to that ally until the end of your next turn.

Memory of Flame

Prerequisite: Awakened or Felbraug

Benefit: When you deal fire damage to an enemy not marked by you, that enemy cannot move closer to you until the end of its next turn.

Memory of Pain

Prerequisite: Awakened or Felbraug

Benefit: When you cause an enemy to take ongoing damage with a psionic or psychic power, the ongoing damage is increased by 1 per tier.

Memory of the Void

Prerequisite: Awakened or Felbraug

Benefit: Enemies take a -2 penalty to saving throws against fear effects caused by you.


Prerequisite: Awakened or Felbraug

Benefit: As long as you have at least one power point remaining, you gain a +2 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.


Prerequisite: Felbraug, Battlemind

Benefit: Whenever you augment your battlemind’s demand power, you may slide yourself or all targets of your battlemind’s demand power 1 square.

Path of Iron

Prerequisite: Felbraug, Battlemind

Benefit: Whenever you use your blurred step power, enemies cannot willingly enter the squares you move through until the end of your next turn.

Read the Weave

Prerequisite: Felbraug

Benefit: During a round in which you are surprised, you can still take a move action.

Scorn Earth

Prerequisite: Felbraug

Benefit: As long as you have at least one power point remaining, you ignore difficult terrain.

Shared Soul

Prerequisite: Felbraug, Ardent

Benefit: You can choose any ally in the area of your mantle as the origin square for your Ardent attack powers.

Swift Shepherd

Prerequisite: Felbraug, Ardent

Benefit: Whenever an ally uses a healing surge granted by your ardent surge ability, you can shift a number of squares equal to your dexterity modifier.

Think Fast

Prerequisite: Felbraug

Benefit: As long as you have at least one power point remaining, you gain a +1 feat bonus to speed. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th level.


Prerequisite: Felbraug, Battlemind

Benefit: When you use your mindspike power, the target suffers a penalty to damage equal to your dexterity modifier, until the end of your next turn.