Former soratami outcasts, now rulers of Calanshae

Thousands of years ago, a political fracture within the soratami nation led to an entire clans being faced with a terrible choice—exile, or death. Fleeing to surface world, still dominated by the ruthless gnoll empires, seemed an unthinkable fate to many. Their leaders, however, looked upon this choice with cunning, and found opportunity.

Taking with them an array of magical treasures and precious tomes, the exiles chose their position carefully. The surface peoples knew virtually nothing of soratami, so the exiles were easily able to take on the role of benevolent visitors, laden with marvellous gifts and eager to use their magical talents against the gnolls—in exchange for some small holdings of their own.

Recognising their shared connection to the feywild, the elves of Deepwood believed these newcomers their kin. They readily formed an alliance with the exiles, whom they called “eladrin” in their tongue. Eventually, to guard their origins, the exiles fully adopted this name, along with their own variant of the elven language.

This alliance would go on to flourish beyond even their greatest expectations. With their advanced magic, the eldarin proved to be the most effective force yet to push back against the gnoll empire—and suffered far fewer casualties than their elven allies. They also embraced a desire for expansion, beginning an aggressive push for territory. While the elves preferred the forests that kept them close to fey power centres, the eladrin claimed everything they could—and, ultimately, forged the nation of Calanshae.

Play an Almish eladrin if you want…

  • to keep your companions at arms’ length.
  • to consider yourself smartest person in the room.
  • to answer for (or double down on) the exploitation of other races.

Playing Almish Eladrin

Today, most eladrin do not know the secrets of their origins. They know only that they are a blessed people who turned the tide of the war, making them naturally superior to other creatures. Even the elves, who made it possible for them to establish their kingdom, are now treated as an exploitable working class.

Most eladrin exist in a world of courtly intrigue, elaborate social rituals and constant deception. Their dealings are polite and civilised, but never kind. Although this encourages widespread distrust, it also considered a sign of respect—the acknowledgement that your fellows have the cunning and the mettle to threaten you.

Although some eladrin reject this attitude when they become adventurers, they often bring it with them, making them something of a gamble as allies. Other adventurers frequently view them as disloyal and paranoid, untrustworthy when the stakes are high. Ultimately, many eladrin adventurers prefer to remain detached, viewing their parties as business associates rather than companions.

Almish Eladrin are perceived as… Cunning, insightful, arcane, wilful, careful, proud, aloof, graceful, polite, smug.

Example names: As the elf, but with a preference for longer and more elaborate words. Name meanings are considered very important in society, as they are an extra change to show off one’s wit with a clever double-meaning or reference.

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