Insular aristocrats who value honour and tradition

Almish Eladrin Heritage Traits

Game mechanics for the Almish eladrin are identical to the eladrin race detailed in the D&D 4e official rulebooks, except as noted below.

Average Height: 170-195cm (5′ 7″-6’5″)
Average Weight: 59-82kg (130-180 lb.)
Stolen Life: Your distant ancestors linked their bloodlines to the magic of the feywild, giving you the fey origin.

An ancient people responsible for much of modern Alm’s artifice and civilisation, the eladrin are a dignified, structured people who place great importance on etiquette and composure. Sovereigns of Calanshae, they now preside over an empire in decline, held firmly in check by the Brands and their allies.

The eladrin would have themselves known as the descendants of the first fey, but the truth is a darker secret; in the ancient past, their ancestors attempted to steal eternal life from the feywild, causing a calamity that forever closed Alm’s permanent feywild gates.

Though it is little known and never spoken, eladrin also rule over the floating island of Sorairo, where they are known as Soratami. These ancestral eladrin splintered from their mainland cousins long ago, and today neither group acknowledges any connection to the other.

Play an Almish eladrin if you want…

  • to keep your companions at arms’ length.
  • to consider yourself smartest person in the room.
  • to answer for (or double down on) the exploitation of other races.

Physical Qualities

Almish eladrin are tall, slender humanoids known for their grace and regal bearing. They have no facial or bodily hair save for eyebrows and lashes, and tend toward thin builds with narrow shoulders and hips. They display little sexual dimorphism, and their delicate features present a generally feminised androgyny by the standards of a human.

Eladrin skin tone is typically very pale and vaguely pearlescent, giving them an otherwordly appearance that can be unsettling to other creatures. Their hair and eyes come in a variety of rainbow hues, though almost always in soft, pale colours. Most wear their hair very long, carefully bound up in elaborate fashion.

Even outside of high society, Calanish eladrin seem to favour complex, intricate styles that are hard to produce, perhaps to imply their aesthetic superiority.

Playing Almish Eladrin

Most eladrin are raised to be be aloof, insular, and convinced of their own superiority. Perhaps due to their long lifespans, they tend to be conservative and rigid in their ideas, preferring the company of their own kind and the traditions of their own lands. This includes a great importance placed on etiquette and outward appearance, and the belief that it is uncouth to ruin one’s dignified front by allowing excessive emotion. Typically, these ideals create an impression of smug haughtiness that other peoples rarely find endearing.

Most eladrin exist in a world of courtly intrigue, elaborate social rituals and constant deception. Their dealings are polite and civilised, but never kind. Although this encourages widespread distrust, it also considered a sign of respect—the acknowledgement that your fellows have the cunning and the mettle to threaten you.

Although some eladrin reject this attitude when they become adventurers, they often bring it with them, making them something of a gamble as allies. Other adventurers frequently view them as disloyal and paranoid, untrustworthy when the stakes are high. Ultimately, many eladrin adventurers prefer to remain detached, viewing their parties as business associates rather than companions.

Almish Eladrin are perceived as… Cunning, insightful, arcane, wilful, careful, proud, aloof, graceful, polite, smug.

Example names: As the elf, but with a preference for longer and more elaborate words. Name meanings are considered very important in society, as they are an extra change to show off one’s wit with a clever double-meaning or reference.

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