The Rogue Isles


Demonym: Roguish; of the Rogue Isles. Rogue; a person who is Roguish
Climate/biome: Mostly sandy grassland; the isles enjoy a fluid climate that matches their current location
Area: Very small
Population density: Moderate
Common Inhabitants: Humans, orcs, realm, wu-kan
Uncommon Inhabitants: Shar, equitarn, elves
Rare Inhabitants: Eladrin, kobolds, soratami

The Rogue Isles are a singular phenomenon in the world of Alm; a wandering archipelago.

Like Sorairo, this series of small islands is so richly infused with Escarnum that they permanently float above the land’s surface. Unlike Sorairo, however, they do not maintain a permanent position, but rather drift across the Almish sky in a seemingly random orbit.

The exact reason for this behaviour is unknown, even today. Although they seem connected to the Almish mainland—they seem to never venture more than a few miles off the coast—there appears to be nothing more consistent in its orbit than that.

The people of the Rogue Isles are a “nation” of loosely-connected island dwellers, mostly on the pirate side of privateer. Known for being opportunistic and self-interested to the point of excess, they are united only in their categorical agreement to protect the Isles from any attempt to control or ground them.