Demonym: Kaasha
Climate/biome: Mountainous jungle
Area: Large
Population density: Low
Common Inhabitants: Wu-kan, natural beasts
Uncommon Inhabitants: Elves, realm, orcs, wilderskins
Rare Inhabitants: Jotun, kobolds

The mountainous, jungle-covered cape of Ka’ash—most often rendered into “Kaash” in common—is the kingdom of the wu-kan.

Isolated and seemingly uncivilised, Kaash is nevertheless welcoming to outsiders; its people are open-minded, curious, and casually confident that they can make short work of any troublemakers.

Though the jungle may seem foreboding to outsiders, Kaash citizens know their home well, and rely on it for protection and shelter. Rather than clearing the land, they live in vast tree-cities hung with rope bridges and flying fox lines, virtual obstacle courses to ground-dwelling folk.


Kaash is “ruled” by a prince, which is in their estimation a non-gendered role elected by popular vote every twenty or so years (maybe earlier if nobody likes the current one). However, their sovereign is openly a figurehead, appointed for show and bragging rights rather than government. The Kaasha prince is essentially an elected mascot or folk hero, there to inspire the people and set an example for little kan to admire.

In practicality, Kaash is a representative democracy, governed by a council of regional leaders chosen by their villages to handle national affairs. Important issues are typically taken back to each village for a referendum, so every Kaasha (even the prince) has a decent say in their laws.


Given its isolation, Kaash has had little involvement in the wars of the mainland. That said, all Kaasha are encouraged to venture beyond their homeland in search of adventure, so Kaash has never been without perspective. Once the nation of Ashar was established, Kaash was pleased to find a point of contact on the mainland who didn’t want to set Kaasha explorers on fire, so the two nations have a good relationship going back at least a century.

Since the War of Empires ended, Kaash has actively sought out contact with every nation, eager to learn more about them and their people. In general, they have been received well by everybody except Aurion (who are not fond of non-human hedonists) and Beasthome (who don’t like anybody). They get on especially well with the Brands, though it must be noted that a typical Brand plus a typical Kaasha, is a personality combination that can escalate quickly.