Demonym: Ikanan
Climate/biome: Mostly rocky steppe and scrubland
Area: Small
Population density: Low
Common Inhabitants: Equitarn, humans, orcs, realm, abilen, kobolds
Uncommon Inhabitants: Elves, bannyr, eladrin

Situated on the border of Brandeis and the Grasslands, Ikana is a small nation with a diverse multicultural makeup.

One a heavily contested tactical location, it has enjoyed a more relaxed pace since the War of Empires ended. It always has produce to trade, making it a useful stop on the well-travelled route between Ashar and Brandeis.


Built at the base of a rare pass through the Soaring Sentinels, Ikana has along been a useful position to hold in times of war. Once a tiny village, it gained in size as it was contested more and more often. Before long, the population of soldiers holding it—whichever force they may belong to—required a considerable amount of supporting farmland.

After the Breaking of Empires, Ikana was controlled by the Brands, along with virtually all of Western Alm. When they pulled back to the east, Ikana was finally given its independence—on the condition that it stand with Brandeis, should the pass again become a passage for war.