Climate/biome: Temperate forest
Area: Medium
Population density: Very low
Common Inhabitants: Elves, fey beasts
Uncommon Inhabitants: Elhan realm, jotun, equitarn
Rare Inhabitants: Wu-kan, gnolls, shar, thull realm

A mighty forest larger than many nations, Deepwood is the last remnant of a once-permanent gate between the material plane and the feywild.

Even now, the chaotic life energy of the wild seeps through the planar fabric like spreading ink, and countless flora and fauna flourish under its influence.

Deepwood is verdant and beautiful, but also savage and unforgiving. The land is uncultivated and the animals are wild, and trying establish “civilised” spaces is generally regarded as invasive. Only those who accept the ultimate supremacy of the forest itself—as both a single entity, and as a fluid ecosystem—are welcome to make their homes here.

Most settlements in Deepwood are living spaces created with primal magic, integrated with the natural growth of the forest. Those who live here take great care to nurture the forest that gives them shelter and sustenance, and mindful of how often it has saved them from certain destruction.


Of all sentient creature, eladrin are virtually unheard-of in Deepwood. Their colonial history means that they are universally unwelcome in the fey forest, an animosity which is all but impossible for any individual to overcome.