Demonym: Bestial; of Beasthome. Beast; a person who is Bestial
Climate/biome: Mostly scrubland, rocky desert and mountains
Area: Large
Population density: Very low
Common Inhabitants: Gnolls, natural beasts
Uncommon Inhabitants: Thull realm, elves, equitarn
Rare Inhabitants: Bannyr, jotun, other realm

Beasthome is the last stronghold of the bestial races that ruled Alm before the Death of Empires.

What was once a continent-spanning gnollish empire was worn down by centuries of war, until it was finally forced into this one corner of wilderness. Here, the law of the ancient clans still reigns; the strong lead, and the weak follow. Life is brutal here, and demands brutality in return.

Since female gnolls are typically larger and stronger than their male counterparts, the clans of Beasthome have traditionally been matriarchal in nature. However, sex is no object for a powerful enough warlord, especially if they can master shamanism (non-primal magic is usually regarded as false strength). In rare cases, even a non-gnoll may became a clan leader—if usually only by slaying the current warlord in single combat.


Beasthome is a perilous land, where tribal law changes at the whim of the powerful and few outsiders dare to tread. Although no formal declarations were ever made, it generally considers itself to be at war with the Calanish empire until one or the other is completely destroyed. Still, there are those within its borders who tire of eternal war, and wish to aid the outside world when it makes an effort to approach.

Beasthome is located on the western-most cape of Alm and shares a land border only with Ironhilt, controlled by its hated foes, the Brands. This has forced it to remain broadly self-sufficient, save perhaps the occasional seaborne trade. While it has the territory to sustain itself for the foreseeable future, it is undeniably becoming weaker as the nations around it grow more interdependent.