Campaigns in Escarnum

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The world of Escarnum is one that grew organically over years of play.

Factions changed, nations appeared or disappeared, and new races had now been there for ages—if it made for a better story. Alm grew in the shape of the group it served, and it’s presented here with the intent that it should do the same for your group.

If something here doesn’t work for you and your group, please ignore it! The goal of this setting is to support the story that the players (GM included) want to tell. We would prefer for you think about the world not in terms of what characters and stories it could produce, but to think of it in terms of how it could produce the characters and stories you want to see.

Your Escarnum is your Escarnum, not the Escarnum of its creator. We invite you to do what you wish, to make it yours.