Dwarves in Escarnum

As archetypal miners, engineers and crafters, the classic dwarves have a lot in common with Alm’s kobold clans. If you wish to include dwarves in setting, a good place for them may be as allies of the kobold clans, working side-by-side in the mountains; alternatively, they may be a race that rivals the felbraug for age, who faintly remember clues to the Precursors’ secrets.

If you don’t want to add dwarves to the setting, a kobold of the Vaess clan will serve well as a tinkerer or item-crafter. However, if you are more interested in the mechanics of the D&D 4e dwarf, you will find them present as the bannyr. Likewise, if your idea of a dwarf is more of a heavy-drinking, rowdy warrior with a thick beard and a thicker accent, the bannyr are certainly your closest match.

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