Dragonborn in Escarnum

Dragonborn evoke the importance and majesty of perhaps the most iconic creature in common fantasy. In Escarnum, however, dragons are not nearly as prominent as in most Dungeons & Dragons settings; they are far more rare and less integral to the world. Between the scarcity of dragons and the absence of a dragon creator-god, it’s no surprise that dragonborn are not a standard PC choice.

If the dragonborn did appear in Alm, they would most certainly spring from a natural source, rather than the hand of a deity. Since dragons are rare, perhaps dragonborn originated in a time long ago, when their ancestors were more plentiful; perhaps something happened in that era to wipe out many of the dragons, giving the beast-kin their chance to seize control. On the other hand, perhaps dragonborn never dwelt in Alm, and instead hail from one of the less-explored continents. Or maybe they are a created species, hybrids created by the Overseers in their outlandish experiments.

Alternatively, if you would like to play something that belongs in Alm and holds similar appeal, you have many choices; gnolls mirror their offensive strength, while equitarn and jotunar provide similar bulk and hardiness. Soratami and equitarn are good candidates if you are fond of the dragonborn tendency toward a dutiful, regimented nature.

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