Inevitable Might
Independent Thought
Imminent Domain
Howl of Command
Hounding Harrier
High Spirits
Heroic Underdog
Heir of Earth
Hammer Fists
Grinding Halt
Friendly Face
Fortified Defences
Fel Strike
Fel Claws
Fates Intertwined
Eye of the Storm
Eternal Cycle
Edar’s Swiftness
Earth’s Renewal
Duck and Cover
Drunken Monkey
Draconic Petulance
Double Dealing
Definitive Might
Dashing Flourish
Daring Gambit
Crash Landing
Cracked Earth
Community Spirit
Communal Instinct
Cleave Ranks
Circle of Fate
Centre of Gravity
Caveat Imperator
Brutal Display
Breath of Heaven
Break Free
Break Even
Bounce Back
Blood Magus
Blood Hunt
Blood Fury
Blade Catcher
Audacious Bluff
Attention Grab
Arytiss’ Ward
Artificial Instinct
Adrenaline Rush