Fearless treeborne acrobatics, perpetually optimistic

Wu-Kan Heritage Traits

Average Height: 165 – 183cm (5’5″ – 6’0″)
Average Weight: 39 – 61kg (85-135 lb.)

Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity or Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Kaash, plus one of Sylvan, Common or Bestial

Natural Acrobat: You gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks, and may use Acrobatics in place of Athletics when climbing.

Blessed Fortune: You gain a +1 racial bonus to Will, Reflex and Fortitude defences.

Divine Beast: For the purpose of effects that relate to creature type, you are considered both a magical beast and a humanoid.

Insatiable Curiosity: You have the insatiable curiosity heritage power.

Insatiable CuriosityWu-kan Heritage Power
You throw caution to the wind, shaking off your misgivings. What could possibly go wrong?
No Action Personal
Trigger: Your begin your turn.
Effect: You end all ongoing negative effects on you which have the fear keyword.

The wu-kan are a small offshoot of older beast-kin who found a home in the isolated jungles of Kaash. They claim to have descended from a great hero named Sunmon’Tzu, a former slave who used his formidable cunning to escape from his slow-witted masters. There are countless tales of Tzu’s exploits, but the most important tells how the heavens sent a celestial envoy to keep him in his place. Though intended to be heartless, this keeper eventually fell in love with him—and through their union, the wu-kan people were born.

Protected by the sea and the jungle, Kaash enjoys a position of safety in times of war. This has made its native wu-kan largely irreverent, anti-authoritarian, and a little smug. They are fiercely protective of their safe haven, but are usually friendly toward those who don’t try to threaten it.

Play a wu-kan if you want…

  • to be at home in both the jungle and the city.
  • to be a fearless daredevil who relies on luck and charm.
  • to travel mostly by the seat of your pants.

Physical Qualities

Wu-kan are slim, long-limbed humanoids with broad, friendly faces. They are graceful, and carry themselves with easy style. They tend to be pale-skinned, with slate-grey eyes and hair of grey, white or silver. Their bodies are covered with a very fine coat of pale fur; they don’t appear to have pelts, but their skin has a soft, velvety texture. Though they are otherwise mammalian, tufts of white or grey feathers sprout around their ankles, wrists and elbows, and sometimes their shoulder blades.

Wu-kan sport long furry tails which can be used for grasping or balance. Coupled with elongated, double-jointed fingers and toes, these aids make climbing trivial for a kan, who live most of their lives in the treetops. Wu-kan usually dress with this in mind, keeping any shoes or gloves open to allow grip. They are also identified by large, round, furry ears that sit low on their heads, almost flat against the neck.

The typical wu-kan lives around a hundred years, but they rarely show any physical signs of old age, even in their last days.

Playing a Wu-kan

Wu-kan have a long lifespan coupled with a seriously truncated attention span. They are typically spontaneous and reckless, perfectly able to recognise consequences but rarely feeling constrained by them. This strange inability to feel fear has led to wu-kan being perceived as somewhat mad, though never boring.

Inquisitive, open-hearted and irresponsible, wu-kan have an inherent dislike for authority and structure. They are all but expected to embrace wanderlust at some point, though most eventually return to Kaath and raise a family in their autumn years. However, it’s not unusual for a kan to settle in a foreign town that refuses to relinquish his interest—or to continue adventuring in search of fame, fortune and friendship.

Wu-kan are inclined toward honesty and good humour, and most share a common desire to bring joy to the world. Combined with their rather cavalier attitude toward friendship and love, this open-mindedness has given the wu-kan a reputation for being delightful, if unreliable, companions.

Wu-kan are perceived as… Fearless, witty, loyal, lucky, reckless, enthusiastic, friendly, cheerful, optimistic, joyful, humourous, irreverent.

Names: Arra’Chea, Aro, Bo, Eka’Ri, Haru, Jia’Wan, Kala’Ru, Kan’ou, Kana’Ye, Lin Yee, Rin’Keru, Sun’Mon, Tika’Ru.

Significant Revisions

1.0—Legacy version
  • 17 years ago Add Original version published for D&D 3.5e
2.0—Initial 4e version
  • 13 years ago Update Game mechanics overhauled for 4e. First 4e version published to gamebrief.wikidot.com
  • 7 years ago Update Published to original Skies of Escarnum website.
2.1—Current 4e version
  • 5 years ago Update Moved to current Skies of Escarnum website. Various language changes; no significant rules changes
  • 2 years ago Update Switched around stat bonuses to better balance Escarnum heritage choices
  • 2 years ago Update Switched around stat bonuses to better balance Escarnum heritage choices