Teaching reason and free inquiry, the Gnostics of Alm are a network of scholars, students, artisans, and others who value education and science.

Gnostics believe that all of society is elevated by widespread education, so they make it their business to spread it as far as they can. Many adherents establish schools or work as travelling teachers; those who are good-aligned frequently offer services for little or no compensation, while less altruistic individuals might charge a premium for their expertise.

Scientific inquiry is not always compatible with historical beliefs, tradition, or politics. Gnostics are defined by their willingness to seek the truth even when it is inconvenient or discomforting, even when it puts them at odds with a powerful authority or a key financier. They are rarely willing to harm innocents in the pursuit of knowledge—but, like all factions, they are not immune to extremism.

Gnostics are widely spread across Alm, making it their business to share the gifts of learning with as many individuals as possible. However, in places like Aurion, Calanshae and Sorairo—where the ruling classes maintain power through careful control of cultural values—they are rarely welcomed. For the unscrupulous, Independence’s willingness to set aside ethics in the name of progress (and profits of course) can be a dangerous temptation.

Alignment: Any.

Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Skill, Trickery


  • Trust but verify. You need not be cynical or paranoid, but it’s never rude to double-check any assertion, no matter how trusted the source.
  • Knowledge must be shared. The world is a better place when everybody is able to make informed, properly-reasoned decisions.
  • Truth cannot be compromised. Education and inquiry must proceed with integrity and transparency, not according to the whims of whoever currently has money or power.
  • Understanding evolves. You never know when you might prove your own ideas incorrect, so don’t make knowledge into dogma.