Church of the White Staff

The Church of the White Staff is the defining philosophy of Aurion, and only significant faction in Alm to worship a clearly-defined deity.

Referred to only as “the True God”, the deity of the White Staff is given credit by his adherents for delivering them from the land of Parosea, and guiding their path in all things. Driven by true and devout belief, the White Staff consider it their mission to bring the True God’s “benevolent” rule to all of Escarnum, and command an expansive army for just this purpose.

The Church mandates a strict order and hierarchy arranged under a chosen Exarch, who is supposedly made immortal by his piety. Beneath him a plethora of inquisitors, priests and acolytes practise the faith, as well as a vast standing army that is separate from the clergy, but still headed by the Exarch. This rigidity is a key component in the heavy-handed social control that maintains order and compliance in Aurite lands.

Alignment: Evil (lawful)

Domains: Civilisation, Fate, Protection, Tyranny, War


The Church of the White Staff maintains order through endless religious dictates, from broad principles to everyday minutia—more than can reasonably be covered here. The broad tenets of the faith are outlined below, but we encourage you to add many small, petty behavioural rules to explore how obsessive and controlling the White Staff really is.

  • Hierarchy is absolute. The Exarch is divine, his commands without question; whatever your role, you must accept the will of your superiors as handed down through him.
  • Everybody knows the truth. Our enemies may say they do not believe, but they know in their hearts that we are chosen; this is the true root of their hatred.
  • Only humans can walk in the light. There is no room for racial impurity among the True God’s favoured people.
  • Pleasure is an illusion. Avoid that which seems to bring you material joy; this is in fact temptation, to lure you from the path of light.
  • Suffering is noble. Be grateful for the opportunity to prove your faith by enduring mortal suffering.
  • Light by any means. We are often called upon to use distasteful means to spread the light; know that all actions are just when performed according to the True God’s will.
  • Your fate is a gift. Regardless of your perception, your life unfolds as it should according to the True God’s divine will.