The Ascendants are a sect who believe that divinity is not essentially distinct from mortal power, and therefore attainable as long as you—like them—have the drive to reach it.

Everybody knows how the tyrant of the kobold people fabricated his own divinity to enslave an entire people. If this was sufficient to fool an entire world, why assume that “godhood” is in fact anything more than an outrageous amount of personal power? The Ascendants believe exactly this, and also that they should pursue that power.

Of course, such power is not easy to obtain; Ascendants lead a life of constant hardship, training and self-improvement, actively seeking out danger in the name of experience. Since they view power is its own reward, they take well to the adventuring life, for good or ill.

Ascendants usually lead lonely lives, as their philosophy often makes it difficult for family or community to be a significant presence. Over time, many become detached, looking down on those who cannot (or simply choose not) to pursue power with such intensity. This makes good-aligned Ascendants unusual, especially among those who come close to their goal.

Alignment: Any

Domains: Change, Destruction, Hope, Strength, Strife


  • Divinity is within reach. There is no inherent barrier between mortals and gods—only those who lack the will to reach their potential.
  • Challenge is necessary. There can be no growth without some amount of danger, so it makes sense to seek it out.
  • Failure is temporary. Falling short is also a chance to learn; you only really fail when you give up.