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These races are either not a major part of Alm’s core and history, or are simply not included in the setting. However, they can easily be included in your campaign if you desire. If the group does not wish to add new races, this section also provides suggestions for replacing the desired race with an equivalent race from Escarnum’s core.

Races from the Outside—Genasi

Like other plane-born creatures, genasi are not typical inhabitants of Alm, but are likely to exist as individual created entities. The Overseers—who created humans and equitarn—are an obvious source for such creations, only too happy to experiment with elemental infusion and discard any failures. Such a creature would likely have escaped during the Parosean insurrection, […]

Races from the Outside—Daevas

Much like tieflings, daevas are a material creature infused with the immortal essence of an astral being. In Escarnum, daevas would not be understood as a “species”, but as a unique occurrence—most likely the result of a celestial being attempting to empower a loyal follower. It’s likely that such a creature might be unaware of […]

Races from the Outside—Tieflings

Former humans influenced by a fiendish taint, tieflings are the evidence of mortals consorting with evil extraplanar powers. There is no reason that such a thing could not happen in Escarnum; mortals still seek power from sources outside their world, and evil entities of all sorts still seek to corrupt and control mortals and their […]

Races from the Outside—Halflings

Halflings In most settings, halflings are smaller and weaker than medium-sized races, known for their agility and social natures. In most cases, an abilen is the ideal replacement for a character who would be a halfling. Alternatively, both kobolds and felbraug match the small stature and nimble nature of the halflings, and can make excellent […]

Races from the Outside—Gnomes

The appropriate replacement for a gnome will depend on the role they are to play; some settings see them as tricksters, others as bumbling inventors, others as bardic tale-weavers, others as eccentric wizards. Indeed, the somewhat ill-defined identity of the gnomish race is a major reason for their absence from Escarnum‘s world. In Escarnum, most […]

Races from the Outside—Dwarves

As archetypal miners, engineers and crafters, the classic dwarves have a lot in common with Alm’s kobold clans. If you wish to include dwarves in setting, a good place for them may be as allies of the kobold clans, working side-by-side in the mountains; alternatively, they may be a race that rivals the felbraug for […]

Races from the Outside—Dragonborn

Dragonborn evoke the importance and majesty of perhaps the most iconic creature in common fantasy. In Escarnum, however, dragons are not nearly as prominent as in most Dungeons & Dragons settings; they are far more rare and less integral to the world. Between the scarcity of dragons and the absence of a dragon creator-god, it’s […]